Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

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Everyone knows the key to success when it comes to training, exercising, or even living a healthy lifestyle is the importance of hydration. Ensuring that we are giving our bodies enough electrolytes, carbs, sugars, and other supplements it needs is critical when it comes to hitting those race PR’s, feeling good throughout each workout, and eliminating the threat of dehydration upon completion. Over the past 30 days I have been able to test out Gatorade’s Watermelon Endurance Formula as well as their Mango Energy Gel’s. This opportunity could not have come at a better time, as I was in the midst of training for my 70.3 and knew I would be able to implement these within training and again on race day.

Gatorade Watermelon Endurance Formula

In the past, when I go out on a long run, bike ride, or even swim, I tend to always have some sort supplement within my water. For me, when I am looking to add a supplement to my drink, I am seeking a powder or tablet that is easily mixable and has a crisp clean taste. When I first began using the Endurance Formula, I was impressed with the taste of the product. The bottles I used for training were typically about 16oz and I was using about 2 scoops of formula. The water to formula ratio to me was on point, as it was not an overpowering watermelon taste but very balanced. The recommended water to formula ratio is about 1.5 scoops per 12oz serving. When mixing the formula, I would recommended having a bottle with a large mouth, as the scooper that is provided can make it challenging to get into small areas and make for a messy cleanup. For the most part, the formula mixed easy and really broke down well when it was shaken within the water!

While using it on workouts, I could tell a noticeable increase in how my body felt and the energy it helped to produce. While providing 22g of carbs, 13g of sugar, and 140mg of potassium, my body was really benefiting from the kick it was providing mid-workout. On race day, I was able to utilize about 32oz of formula within the bike ride portion and 12oz of formula on the run portion. It is a product that I will definitely use in the future as it sat well within my stomach, tasted great, and provided some great relief and assistance while I was racing and training! Also it was helpful that the race also had Gatorade Endurance and other products on the course!

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Gatorade Endurance Mango Energy Gel

During training for my 70.3, I found myself using gel’s more and more often as the workouts increased. I have tried many different flavors and types and was satisfied with the G energy gel. Now I will make this disclaimer now, but I am not a huge fan of mango in general, but the mango gel was not to shabby. What I liked the most about the energy gel, was how easy it went down the hatch. From the moment you rip the package open and throw it back, it was a smooth process which is nice! With about 20g of carbs and 35mg of potassium it was an effective supplement to utilize while racing and training. On average I was taking 1 gel every 30 minutes during my race (yes by the conclusion of the race the thought of a gel made me gag!). Overall, I would use the Gatorade Endurance Energy Gel again, but I would be tempted to test out some other flavors!

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