COROS Pace Review

Disclaimer: I received a Coros Pace Multisport Watch to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews

Introducing the COROS Pace watch, which is one of the hottest new multi-sport watches on the market, as it was just released this past month. I have had the pleasure of being able to test out the Pace for the past month or so as a Bibrave Pro and I must say I have been very impressed overall with the Pace. This watch has met and exceed my expectations and is now my go to multi-sport watch.


Overall Fit, Comfort, & Style:

The Pace is a comfortable and stylish multi-sport watch that can be worn during workouts, but also sleek enough to wear out in public. The head of the watch is not over-sized, but in my opinion is big enough and allows enough space to show a magnitude of information (steps, time, date, calories burned, and total workout time for the day). The band of the watch is light weight, durable, and not clunky or heavy like other bands. Overall, the watch is ultra light-weight and while working out feels as though there is not even a watch there. It is also nice to have the HR monitor built into the watch around the wrist (in the past, I have always forgotten my HR straps). Hands down one of the most comfortable multi-sport watches I have used!


COROS App & Bluetooth:

The COROS app is pretty legit. I find the app to be a great resource to utilize upon the completion of each workout to recap. You have a couple screens you can choose from just depending upon what you are looking for, there is a ton of data, breakdowns of workouts, as well as a totals page which calculates all of your miles for cycling, running, and swimming which is my favorite to look at and keep me motivated. Also within the app you can set up settings which will sync directly with the watch. Overall, it is a great app that really complements the watch. Along with the app, the watch also has Bluetooth capabilities to receive message alerts, incoming phone call alerts, and alerts from all other social media accounts. You can snooze this option as well if you do not want to receive these notifications.


GPS & Battery Life:

I was able to test out the Pace GPS compared to a couple competitors just to really understand how accurate and similar the outcomes of each workouts were. What I found was that all of the GPS were within .02-.05 mi off from a running/biking perspective and during a lap swim in the pool was right on (have not been able to get out into the open water). In regards to the battery life, I think I have had to charge it maybe once or twice within the 30-45 days that I have had it. The battery holds a long lasting charge and takes a long time for the battery to drain. In comparison to my other multi-sport watch, the Pace battery gets roughly a week to a week and a half longer battery life.


When using the Pace for running purposes, the metrics I have the watch set to show me is distance, pace, and overall time (the big three). If I wanted to toggle through other metrics, I could pull up my heartbeat and cadence, it has the option to pull up only the lap time/distance/pace, and it has an option to pull up your elevation. Like I mentioned previously, I just loved the fact that this watch is so light weight and does not feel bulky or heavy on my wrist. This watch has the ability to be a runner’s dream with the options you can utilize during your run as well as breaking down each run at the end. It also connects very quickly and easily with Strava!


At this moment, the only biking option available is outdoor cycling as we are hoping that the indoor option is available soon. Like the running metrics available, the cycling metrics main options are distance, speed and overall time. If you want to toggle through the other options available you can utilize the heart rate/zones, as well as the grades (total ascent & total decent), and you have the option to utilize the lap time/distance/speed. During my training, I have been able to utilize the cycling options during my outdoor rides and it has everything needed to track any sort of rides. The Pace connects quickly with Strava upon completing rides as well which is great.


Utilizing the indoor pool swim option you can alter the pool sizes to really create an accurate depiction of the lengths swam. The main screen breaks down the yards (which is what I used), pace, and total time. While swimming you can also toggle into the HR and lap breakdowns. The only thing I wish the Pace had for the indoor swimming metrics was the ability to utilize a “drill” option. This way when you are doing kick drills, utilizing other swim styles, etc. In regards to the outdoor swimming option, I am looking forward to utilizing it!

In closing, I will say I was skeptical about the COROS Pace, but having now used it for over a month, I will say it is very easy to use, the set-up took little time, the connection to Strava is very quick, and overall is a great option for any cyclist, runner, and/or swimmer! The Pace has been such an upgrade to my watch arsenal when it comes to training and I do not see myself going moving back to my other watch or options. If you are in the market, definitely pick one up!



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